IT&N and MarComms join forces to deliver the MUT Online Radio Project

To go live!

The countdown towards the MUT Online Radio Station going live has started! Suspense is killing everyone walking past the main reception where the studio is located.  This radio station project is a bold step towards enhancing the University’s brand equity.  The success of this mega project required strong internal collaborations, which has seen the Department of Marketing and Communications (MarComms) bringing in strategic partners like the Department of Information Technology and Networks (IT&N), under the leadership of Dr Marlo De Swardt.  “We are very humbled at how Dr De Swardt understands and embraces our unique value propositions. As brand custodians we oftentimes apply unconventional methods to how we deliver MUT to its stakeholders.  The partnership with IT&N has contributed to the radio station project through installation of network connectivity, and bespoke software support. The IT&N department has also installed stricter access control to ensure the safety of the expensive custom-tailored equipment to be installed soon. The IT&N department will also be involved in the installation of the equipment. The radio broadcast is soon to go live,” said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director at Marcomms.

The MUT online radio will broadcast via an App soon to be available on Play Store and App Store, to be downloaded free of charge, to enable listeners to tune in to the station anywhere as long as they have access to a smart device.  Similar to traditional radio, the listener’s experience will include a phone-in line, as well as an option to send voice messages and WhatsApp messages.  This two-way engagement was made possible by the support from the IT&N department. This department has become a strategic and invaluable partner to MarComms.

The IT&N department support will be the life of the success of the radio station as there will still be more network support and maintenance required.