IRDCE hosts academics from São Paulo to discuss technology in teaching and learning

Director: IRDCE Professor Nkonki-Mandleni and visiting scholars from São Paulo (Brazil) with MUT community

The MUT Institute for Rural Development and Community Engagement (IRDCE) hosted University of São Paulo (BraziI) Professors Agnaldo Arrorio and Ermelinda Moutinho Pataca in a seminar to discuss the importance of media literacy, knowledge circulation and empowerment. The theme of the seminar was “The use of technology in engaging communities for teaching and learning”.

The emphasis from both scholars was on understanding historical fundamentals of the cultural, scientific, and environmental connections between the first and third world countries. The Brazilian delegation also accentuated prioritizing the use of technology to teach local knowledge and the importance of preserving this knowledge which is anecdotally waning with the older generation. The visit comes at a time when IRDCE aligns the University community engagement activities with MUT’s goals. Professor Busi Nkonki-Mandleni highlighted the importance of embracing technology in the development of study materials while involving communities who are the custodians of local knowledge.