In the Strategic Plan 2025 of Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT), one of its goals is ‘Targeted national and international engagements’. Whereas MUT was previously involved in the international agenda through linkage partnerships, MUT’s Senate approved MUT Internationalisation Strategy 2025. The Internationalisation Strategy is in response to MUT Strategy 2025 and takes as its central focus, key success factors of MUT Strategy 2025. These key success factors are the vision, core values, strategy statement, foundational themes of MUT leadership experience and goals of MUT Strategy 2025.

MUT Internationalisation Strategy is a call to action for both staff and students to think outside the box of how the MUT experience could move beyond regional to international borders. The COVID-19 pandemic has already shown that it is possible to work across borders without spending huge amounts of money to work across continents. In this regard, both staff and students are expected to play a pivotal role in internationalising MUT.

Briefly, MUT Internationalisation Strategy 2025 has these goals:

  • Lay a foundation for MUT’s position globally
  • Enhance international visibility of MUT
  • Enhance MUT research activities outside South Africa
  • Enhance the financial sustainability of MUT through sourcing funding through international grants and foundations.
  • Make MUT a globally aware university.
  • Foster students’ success among international students

All the goals are supported by SMART objectives.