Inseparable twins graduate with HR diploma

Zinhle and Ziningi collecting their graduation tickets
Zinhle and Ziningi collecting their graduation tickets

Parents can’t wait for the big day

The parents of twins, Ziningi and Zinhle Mbona cannot wait to come and see their daughters ascending the stairs at MUT, and hearing Prof Chandra Jinabhai, the Acting Dean in the Faculty of Management Sciences, calling their names. Ziningi and Zinhle will be graduating with the Human Resources and Management Diploma on 11 April 2019. It is only then that the parents will believe that their last born children will be graduating. The twins said their hard work was made a little lighter by the fact that they were studying the same programme, and worked together as a team.

“We had other students studying with us. But we were mostly on our own,” said Zinhle, the less-reserved of the two. The KwaMashu girls agree that what they achieved was not usual. “In most cases twins would not go this far. At least one would progress, while the other would show less interest in studying. We kept our focus,” said Ziningi. They both said they could barely wait for their graduation day. “We are not sure if we will be able to sleep on the 10th. That is how excited we are about graduating, the outcome of our hard work!” said Ziningi.

The twins have a separation anxiety. They fear that graduation excitement will soon be replaced by separation as they are likely to secure jobs at different places. They do not have the experience of being apart since they met in the womb. However, they both think that regular communication will smoothen the rough experience.