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Inauguration of  the Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza

Congratulations to Dr Enoch Duma Malaza on his Inauguration as MUT’s Vice-Chancellor & Principal scheduled to take place on 25 August 2018.


    Dr Enoch Duma Malaza took office on 2 May 2018. On the day he arrived, Dr Malaza  was dealt a blow as news of the death of a first year Quantity Survey student, Zolile Khumalo, broke out. The 21 year old Zolile was murdered in her room in one of the residences outsourced by MUT in Durban.

    Putting aside the glory of any special focus on him as the new Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Dr Malaza immediately chaired a crisis communications team. The team was able to create messages for parents, students and staff.

    Safety at all MUT residences has been markedly improved. Dr Malaza commissioned an independent audit to undertake safety and security concerns at all outsourced residences, as well as the main campus and all its parameters. This ensured a non-partisan approach which would subsequently see to it that MUT students, staff, and visitors are safe at the residences and on MUT campuses.

    Dr Malaza has made some progress with regards to the strategic development and review programme.
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    On 8 August 2018, Dr Malaza celebrated 100 Days in office.


    Dr Malaza, who grew up in Springs, Gauteng and was a top student and leader at school, obtained his BSc at the University of Fort Hare in 1983. As a Fulbright Scholar Dr Malaza attended Brown University in the USA, where he completed his MSc in Physics in 1986. A British Council scholarship enabled him to continue his studies in the United Kingdom, where he went on to complete his PhD in Physics at Cambridge University. On returning home to South Africa, Dr Malaza conducted post-doctoral research in Physics at the University of Cape Town, followed by another stint abroad at the Universite de Paris XI (ORSAY) in Paris in 1991. In 1996 Dr Malaza was recognised by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as a promising young researcher.

    Dr Malaza’s illustrious career includes serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic at the former University of Transkei; Director: Institutional Planning at the University of Cape Town; Director: Quality Assurance at the University of Pretoria; CEO of Higher Education South Africa (HESA), now known as Universities South Africa (USAf); Executive Director: Institutional Planning and Quality Assurance at Vaal University of Technology; and most recently, Executive Director: Institutional Planning and Governance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

    Highlights of Dr Malaza’s career include managing the preparations for the Higher Education Quality Committee pilot audit in 2005 at the University of Pretoria, and being the first CEO of HESA, where he successfully built and maintained strategic relations for HESA at national, regional and international levels. His association with various strategic organisations over the years includes being a member of the board of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) (2006-2011), the International Association of Universities (2006-2008), the Tertiary Education and Research Network (2006-2012) and the South African Technology Network (2008-2011). He has also served as a member of Council for the UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking (2008-2012) and the American Council on Education's Internationalisation Network (2008-2012).


    Winds of change are blowing at MUT in just 116 days! The solutionist approach, advocated by Dr Malaza, has become a buzz word at MUT; greater team work and collaborations are visible; strengthening governance processes is underway and there are many more initiatives springing up.

    Also, staff and students have had an opportunity to have ‘coffee with the VC’ as Dr Malaza embarked on an inclusive stakeholder engagement sessions that recognised the important position of everyone that contributes to MUT’s wellbeing. The sessions offered Dr Malaza an opportunity to share his vision, expectations for MUT and entertained collaboration from the various stakeholders in the development of Strategy 2020-2025.

    Dr Malaza is encouraging a ‘first name’ basis approach, which brings people closer to each other and leads to a more relaxed working environment.  Dr Malaza’s visibility on campus has made him easily recognisable; students have been seen taking selfies with him.

    Dr Malaza’s view is that there needs to be robust discussions at every statutory meeting. “I would like to see critical thinkers with a global view,” Dr Malaza has always emphasised during each stakeholder meeting.

    His approach on ‘Shaping and owning the future’ is gaining positive sentiments from cleaner, office administrator, academic to executive management.


Special thanks to all of our sponsors for an incredible sponsorship during our Vice-Chancellor’s Inauguration.


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