HRM professor takes over the reins of People Practices Board

Professor Naidoo

Human Resources Management Professor, Logan Naidoo has been appointed to serve as chair of South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) for the remainder of term that started in November 2018 ending in November this year. The decision was communicated to Professor Naidoo by the SABPP Chief Executive Officer, Xolani Mawande, who informed him to start in his new role towards the end of last month (26 February).

With this latest appointment, explained Professor Naidoo, “we will direct some activities of the committee and can ensure that previously disadvantaged institutions are heard as clearly as the rest.”

Professor Naidoo, who is also a Director of the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), said being appointed as Chair of this body augurs well for both the higher education sector and the University. Professor Naidoo is a veteran of the SABPP; he has been a member since the 1990s. He also chairs the South African Human Resource Universities Forum of SABPP (HEC). He said that a combination of all the positions he holds gives him “a megaphone to contribute positively to the HEC. My appointment adds to the diversity of the HEC and provides the necessary perspective from still under-resourced and previously disadvantaged institutions and the communities they serve.”

As far as MUT goes, Professor Naidoo said the three positions give him a bird’s eye-view. “We are in the forefront of some important issues that are being discussed at national level, such as accreditation criteria and process and professional membership registration criteria for academics, and collaboration on research,” he said.

In addition, Professor Naidoo said they would be able to bring to MUT some of the leading practices that have been proven to work at other Universities.