How millennials and post millennials made the Virtual Graduation a go to event on Saturday, 27 June

Virtual graduation online event

As the virtual graduation was an online event, it was important to gauge the number of people who were interested in the event by having a virtual RSVP on Facebook where attendees would express their interest in the event. This was also a way of further promoting the virtual graduation and having Facebook users reminded of the event each time they go on the platform. A total of 2800 fans expressed their interest through the Facebook event/RSVP. However; on 27 June 2020, a total of 14,378 Facebook users were recorded as active at 10am. Many of these users received a Facebook notification reminding them to tune-in to the MUT virtual graduation at 10h00 that morning. Facebook also played an essential role of providing the necessary feedback on how users were interacting with the virtual graduation videos. On Twitter, there were 4,500 impressions within two days. “Our students are really engaging online and what has been great about this online event is that we have been able to respond to them in real time while at the same time escalating their queries to departments concerned”, said Mbali Mkhize, senior director, MarComms.