Health & Safety enforces the wearing of masks

In spite of the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ramogale’s pleas to staff and students to adhere to protocols of preventing COVID-19 infections, there is still a huge number of both of these stakeholders that refuses to wear masks and to social distance. Fearing the worst that could happen, Mr Lizwi Masondo, the Compliance Officer and Sr. Nomusa Mkhwanazi, the COVID-19 Convenor set up a meeting to discuss how best students and staff could be forced to prevent infections. The meeting agreed that naming and shaming will be part of the strategies to mitigate infections. There will be marshals across the University who will be looking out for those individuals who refuse to protect others. This week, we present the Khovy of the week campaign For those of you who have not followed the story of Khovy, remember to tune in on Reflections, to get a sense of what a wayward person Khovy is. You do not want to be like Khovy!