Hands Off Me, Perve campaign against sexual harassment

Hands off me

In less than six weeks, South Africa will be rallying behind the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. There will be lots of speeches and campaigns and the world will continue later on as normal. Women and children will continue to be abused because ill-minded individuals cannot admit their addiction towards abuse. Today, we are pleased to announce a campaign against sexual abuse of students and staff spearheaded by Dr Manyane Makua. The campaign is ‘Hands Off Me, Perve’. It is a call to action for the University community to root out abuse on women and children. Speaking at EMC last week, Dr Makua who was acting as Vice-Chancellor at the time said, “I cannot believe for the life of me that some people could be preying on our students. These are children sent to study and we should be parents to them and help them navigate a successful student experience.” Dr Makua insisted on a sustainable programme that will protect “our students and staff as there could even be staff impacted by sexual harassment activities”. The ‘Hands Off Me, Perve’ campaign purports to show students that the University has taken a serious stand against Gender-Based Violence; and the campaign is strongly aligned to the Draft Policy on Sexual Harassment against students. With support from management, the focus on sexual harassment is meant to provide students with a great experience while on campus and an assurance that the university will not tolerate any acts of abuse. To report abuse, use the following platforms: 0800 228 999 | mut@tip-offs.com | www.tip-offs.com. The identity of those who report will remain anonymous.