Great chance for stability to continue as Student Affairs empowers student leadership 

SRC members with some staff during the workshop
SRC members with some staff during the workshop

The recently elected SRC has been given an opportunity to start their tenure from a position of strength, thanks to the Department of Student Affairs’ far-looking vision.

The department ran a three-day induction workshop from 29-31 October 2018 to equip the SRC with the knowledge that will assist them interpret all governance-related issues. Mthoko Ntuli, the Student Development Officer in the department said they wanted the SRC to have a solid idea of how the University was governed. “The purpose of the workshop was to give the SRC a platform to interact with all the departments at MUT. Sometimes problems arose as a result of lack of information. We decided to run the workshop to close the gaps, and make sure everyone understood the other’s stand point. This will empower the student leadership to handle student issues as they will now have substantive knowledge of what happens in the University in general,” said Mthoko.

The President of the SRC, Codesa Gwala, said the workshop was necessary to empower the student leadership to fulfil its mandate. “We are now in a position to deal with issues because we have learnt a lot about how the University operates. We can now add or challenge issues based on the information we have acquired,” said Codesa.

He added that before the workshop they were familiar with a few departments they had to deal with as students. Now they are looking at things from a student leadership perspective, and they are now aware of the realities of what happens at the University. This will assist them to achieve what they promised students during their election campaign. He said a combination of their ideas and the experience of the HODs would result in quality service delivery.