Giving graduates a dignified send-off

Isolezwe edition that carried MUT graduation roll

Graduation is the happiest moment in any student’s life. It marks the successful completion of one’s journey through university. Last week, MUT hosted its virtual graduation for the Class of 2020 which could not graduate in a face-to-face ceremony. To mark this first for MUT, MarComms organised for the graduation roll to be published on Isolezwe the day after graduation.

“Many of our students cannot afford the data to watch the virtual graduation, while others live in areas where internet access is an issue,” said Mbali Mkhize, senior director, MarComms. “We decided to publish the graduation roll on Isolezwe Newspaper to increase access for our graduates and their families.”

Although graduates and their parents could not physically be on campus, having names on newspapers meant that the family could again purchase the paper and look for names together, just as they did when the class of 2020 matriculated.

“Many of our students are first generation graduates in their families and having that copy of a newspaper for the rest of the family to see makes our graduation that special,” said Mbali. “It is an opportunity to sit with family and go through the names as a collective and celebrate together, which is what our graduation is about.”

Having the names of graduates on a newspaper was an acknowledgement of the diverse backgrounds that our students come from and that the institution will always strive to open access to students from all walks of life.