Professor Theophilus Clavell Davies

Theophilus Clavell Davies received his B.Sc. (Geology and Chemistry) at the University of Sierra Leone before moving over to the University of Wales, Great Britain, where he completed both his M.Sc. (Geochemistry) and Ph.D. (Applied Geochemistry) degrees. He is currently a Research Professor (Environmental and Medical Geology), a Chartered Geologist, and Environmental Consultant, based at the Mangosuthu University of Technology in South Africa. Formerly Council Member and Trustee of the Geological Society of London (1996 – 2000), he is presently Regional Councillor for Africa of the Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG) and member of the ‘Supervisory Board’ of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA). Davies’ geoscientific activities are as disparate as they are profound, but his abiding interest centres around the role of geoenvironmental variables as causal factors in the aetiology of some obscure diseases (of unknown aetiology) in Africa, as well as the health impacts of emissions from mining and related industrial processes. He has taught and carried out research, community engagement and consultancy in Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He has published over 200 papers in course of these activities, some of which appear in the most reputable international geoscience journals. He is Associate Editor or Reviewer for a number of high impact journals, including the Journal of Geochemical Exploration [impact score = 3.66 (2020)] and the Journal of African Earth Sciences [impact factor = 2.046 (2020)]. Major awards include two from the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany (1986; 1988) and another from the NMGS/Shell Petroleum Ltd. (2014) in recognition of “… persistent and consistent excellent research on the environmental geology of the African continent” [sic].