First semester saved, now soldiering onto the end of February!

Professor Ramogale

“There was a time when things looked bleak and we needed to put our heads together on how best we could save both the academic year and lives. Together, we came up with innovative ideas on how we could save the academic year and save lives. I am grateful to all of you for having walked with you during this turbulent period and I am now looking forward to how we could keep the same spirit and robustness to continue our attempts as saving the academic year ending in February 2021,” said Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, as he opened the second Senate meeting to be held online as a result of the COVID-19 protocols.

Professor Ramogale also encouraged Senate to take pride in what has been achieved, particularly with adapting to the platoon system coupled with blended learning. This is an achievement that has even been noticed by DHET, which had originally put MUT in the high risk universities category given that not many students have laptops. MUT is not in the high risk category.

“I appeal to everyone in the second semester to work as hard as we can, especially with so many holidays. Let us use every day to ensure that our students are taught optimally. Stay on course as MUT leadership. I am confident that we will make it in the second semester,” said Professor Ramogale.