First Master’s graduate in Nature Conservation

Prof Small proudly showing the first Master’s thesis in Nature Conservation

A very excited Prof Peter Small, the Head of the Department of Nature Conservation, got a surprise package from the post office. Thinking that he was receiving an ordinary parcel, Prof Small was pleasantly surprised to realise that the dark green booklet was the first Master’s in Nature Conservation thesis, a degree the department introduced last year. “I am going about bragging. This is our first Master’s thesis. I was ecstatic when I realised it was something so big,” said Prof Small. The first student is Sipho Goge, who is working for the Eastern Cape Parks department.  Peter is expecting about 6 or more students to graduate with a Master’s in 2018.

The Department of Nature Conservation was the first in the country to introduce such a degree among all universities of technology. Prof Small said his next goal is to introduce a PhD in Nature Conservation.