FAO and IT&N staff sacrifices during registration pays dividends

January is one of the busiest months for MUT as the university registers its cohort of new students and returning students. This requires working long hours doing tedious but important work that paves the way for students to be registered and to get their allowances. This is the registration work that staff from the Financial Aid Office and Information Technology & Network (IT&N) have been doing for the university.

First, these staff members had to temporarily leave their work spaces and migrate to MUT’s iconic Seme Hall, while others had to go back-and-forth between the Hall and their respective offices. For those who were based at Seme, they had to do without some of the luxuries that they have access to in their offices. Because of the high volume of students, staff had to take shorter lunches and in turns to ensure that registration continues without interruptions. The luxury of buying food from the cafeteria was already out of question given that there are no cafeterias in Seme. The sacrifices extended to working hours; these staff members worked overtime and started work well before their usual starting time and well beyond their knock-off time.

For IT&N staff, it was about being proactive in terms of finding ways to improve efficiency in the registration process. This included creating one stop shops where staff could verify if students are funded by NSFAS and register them at the same station without any unnecessary delays. All the hard work and sacrifices paid off. Student registration is almost at 13000, just above the university’s target for 2020. So far 5500 returning students received their allowance and rest of qualifying students will get their allowances by end of Friday, provided they submitted their banking details.