Engineering student takes part in international athletics in Poland  

In green and gold! Mildo

From as early as primary school, Mildo Hlatshwayo, from Piet Retief, in Mpumalanga Province, decided he would be a track athlete. In 2016, the second year Electrical Engineering student says he became serious about the sport. This is when he obtained his provincial colours. Such a change has resulted in Mildo obtaining accolades – provincial colours, and national colours! The ‘introvert,’ lanky young man was rewarded by being called into the national team to take part in the 4×400-relay event that happened in Silesia, southwestern Poland, from 1 to 2 May 2021.  Mildo said the team performed very well, and got fifth position overall. Mildo was a reserve in the team. “If by chance any of the four athletes got injured, I was going to take part,” said Mildo.  Mildo said his ambition is to break the 400m world record. Mildo knows this will not be easy. He has to contend with the fact that he does not have enough time as he is still studying, and that he will need lots of support to achieve this goal. Given his nature, he can achieve this goal. “I am a guy who likes to go get his own wings. Running is the best sport career I am married to,” said Mildo.