EMC approval of SOP carves a way forward for laying a foundation for the return of staff

Sister Mkhwanazi, Chair of the Covid-19 Task Team

Working under pressure and online; the MUT COVID-19 Task Team has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document. The SOP was approved by EMC on Wednesday, May 20. The SOP applies to all at MUT, including permanent employees, employees employed on a fixed-term contract, students and interns. The SOP outlines vital aspects such as:

  • MUT workspaces and student residences will be cleaned and decontaminated before the return of employees to the workplace from May 2020 onwards and before the return of students.
  • Employees will be educated on COVID-19 and correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to them.
  • COVID-19 screening will be conducted on everyone entering the MUT premises.
  • Social distancing practices shall be practised everywhere on the premises.
  • Precautionary and prevention practices must be adopted by everyone on campus.
  • Visitors, contractors, tenants and everyone entering the MUT premises shall abide by MUT COVID-19 SOP.
  • All government protocols to manage COVID-19 shall be adhered to.
  • Employees with comorbidities, pregnant and those age 60 and above will be requested to make a confidential declaration for adjusted work arrangements.

The COVID-19 SOP will be published in due course and training will be provided thereof.