Education scholar calls for the Africanisation of the curriculum as part of MUT’s Africa Month public lecture

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23 May 2022


Education scholar calls for the Africanisation of the curriculum as part of MUT’s Africa Month public lecture

Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) will host a public lecture on the Africanisation of the curriculum as part of the University’s activities to mark Africa Month.

The public lecture, which is scheduled for the day after Africa Day (26 May 2022), will be delivered by education expert, Professor Molebatsi Nkoane, Head of the School of Education Studies at the University of the Free State. Professor Nkoane, who is among the leading scholars on the decolonisation and Africanisation of the curriculum, will deliver a paper titled: Africanisation of the Curriculum as a Celebration of Africanness. 

Professor Nkoane’s paper will be part of his continuous efforts to add knowledge to the growing quest to Africanise the curriculum at a time when Africa and the Global South are claiming their rightful place in the global knowledge production table.

“The Africanisation of the curriculum intends to trouble dominant global north discourses that through colonization, imperialism, apartheid, neo-colonialism, and marginalization has constructed ‘other’ forms of knowing as unscientific, pathetic, appalling and puzzling that should be subjected to cleansing with global north epistemological devices,” said Professor Nkoane.

Professor Nkoane further explained that the inequities created by dominant discourses in the body of knowledge systems make it necessary to call for the Africanisation of the curriculum. His lecture will challenge hegemony in any form, size, and shape in the pyramids of ways of knowing.

Professor Nkoane said that the hegemony or dominance over ‘other’ forms of knowing, its boundaries “could be ruptured in pursuance of equality and justice to forms of knowing. Africanisation of curriculum is about counter discourse and creating an alternative equal intellectual space for self-consciousness”.

In this struggle for knowledge redress, Professor Nkoane argues for the valuation of African forms of knowing, which are grounded in the geo-socio-political fabric of African people.

“African forms of knowledge construction map out humanity from an African epistemological perspective,” said Professor Nkoane. This, he explained, influenced “what is worth knowing and how we make sense of knowledge system”.

Professor Nkoane, who has written extensively on Education and the curriculum, said the aim of his lecture was “to amplify the discourses on Africanisation of curriculum, and not necessarily blindly join chorus of voices calling for decoloniality”.

MUT Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Marcus Ramogale will present a response to Professor Nkoane’s lecture.

Professor Ramogale’s paper will focus Didactics, which is also known as the science of teaching, as a tool for decolonising the curriculum in a manner that is sustainable and values the knowledge students bring to the classroom.

Dr Manyane Makua, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, will facilitate the lecture: Teaching and Learning at MUT.

Details of the public lecture are as follows:

Theme: Africanisation of the curriculum

Date: 26 May 2022

Platform: Microsoft Teams | YouTube | MUT Radio


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