Dr Johan van Koller  Senior Director

Tel: 031 819 9338  |  Email: vankollerJ@mut.ac.za


Dr van Koller’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing support for efficient and effective strategy development & execution
  • Providing support for planned size & shape of the university Communicating with internal and external clients
  • Resource management: people
  • Resource management: budget and finance
  • Overseeing subsidy income projections
  • Direct influence on staff within the directorate and indirect influence on MUT Senior and middle management
  • Risk management
  • Overseeing compliance reporting to DHET
  • Overseeing monitoring, evaluation, and reporting functions

Ms Mapule Sikhosana  |  Senior Secretary

Tel: 031 819 9337  |  Email: mapules@mut.ac.za

Ms Mapule Sikhosana (BSocSci: UKZN, PGD HRM: MUT) has been the Senior Secretary for the Directorate of Institutional Planning and Research (DIPR) since 2014. As Senior Secretary she is the central point of contact for DIPR and is responsible for ensuring that DIPR operations run smoothly and efficiently through overseeing administrative support and record keeping. Her duties include diary management for the Senior Director DIPR, the Director: Strategic Planning, and the Director: Monitoring, Evaluation & Research. She is also tasked with creating presentations and other management-level reports. Previously, Ms Sikhosana worked for the Faculty of Management Sciences as Departmental Secretary in Public Administration from 2010, when she joined MUT. In 2013 she became the Warden in one of the University residences where she worked for three years.



Dr Reshma Subbaye  |  Director

Tel: 031 907 9339    Email: Subbaye.Reshma@mut.ac.za

Dr Reshma Subbaye (BSc, MBA, PhD) is responsible for overseeing matters related to the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) and statutory annual reporting. As Director, she also galvanises monitoring, evaluation, and strategies related to institutional research.

Prior to joining MUT, Dr Subbaye worked in a variety of capacities in information systems management at large organisations such as Rainbow Chicken Farms, American Centre for International Labor Solidarity, UNISA, and UKZN. Notable among her achievements is her recent stint as an emerging leader at Adobe in Silicon Valley. She is an NRF C-rated researcher, a TechWomen Fellow, and a member of SAAIR, the Southern African Association for Institutional Research.

Her strengths are analytical thinking, problem-solving, and a growth mindset. When she is not working, Dr Subbaye can be found reading, attempting to grow vegetables in her garden, or out bundu-bashing.

Mr S. Langa  |  HEMIS Manager

Tel: 031 907 7509  |  Email: slanga@mut.ac.za

Mr Sipho Langa | HEMIS Manager

Tel: 031 907 7509    Email: SLanga@mut.ac.za

Mr Sipho Langa has a solid background in Information Systems coupled with extensive experience in higher education. He is an accomplished HEMIS Manager and is renowned for his various contributions to the information architecture at MUT.

Mr Langa is responsible for generating high quality, externally audited HEMIS reports for submission to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). By administering the University’s business intelligence tool (PowerHEDA), Mr Langa plays an important role in the production of management information reports to support decision-making by MUT executives, Deans and Managers.

He served as an executive member of SAAIR from 2012 to 2016 and is a published author in the field of institutional research. In addition to his role at MUT, Mr Langa is currently the chairperson of THENSA’s (previously SATN) Performance Indicators National Task Team.

His professional interests include data analysis and knowledge management. On the personal side, he is a lover of smooth jazz, a soccer fanatic, and an enthusiastic gardener.

Ms Noluthando Pendu HEMIS Officer

Tel: 031 907 7508   Email: Phendu.Noluthando@mut.ac.za

Having joined MUT in 2020, Ms Noluthando (Thando) Pendu has over 20 years’ experience working with the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) across several universities.

As HEMIS Officer, her current responsibilities include data validation and data quality assurance across the student, staff, and space sub-systems of ITS in preparation for statutory HEMIS submissions. Drawing from her extensive experience, Ms Pendu also makes valuable contributions towards efficient data management related to the academic structure and supports the training of Faculty officers and other staff who capture information on ITS.

She has served two terms as an executive member of the Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR). Ms Pendu is deadline-driven, enjoys working in teams and is action-oriented by nature. She values building relationships and is a very good listener. In her spare time, she is a preacher, a composer, and a singer.  Her future plans include building a music career.


Ms Liile Lerato Lekena  Director

Tel: 031 907 9338    Email: Lekena.Liile@mut.ac.za

Ms Liile Lekena’s main functions as Director of Strategic Planning involve systematising the processes that enable the University to achieve its goals and objectives through facilitating institutional strategic planning. This comprises directing and overseeing the university’s strategic and long-term planning function and advancing its strategy. She also has the responsibility of overseeing the institutional timetabling portfolio.

Ms Lekena previously worked as a Deputy Director: Academic Planning and Institutional Research, and as an Institutional Researcher and a Quality Advisor. The work in all the previous portfolios involved managing data analytics projects to inform planning, policy development, and decision-making towards institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

She also has experience as an Evaluations Consultant and Academic Development Officer, as well as being an academic. She has written, presented and published articles in accredited conferences and journals both nationally and internationally. She was co-opted as an executive member of the Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR) after hosting and chairing the SAAIR conference in 2019. She is currently the Deputy President for  SAAIR (2021-2022) and the President Elect (2023-2024).

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Mr Mawande Matshukuca  | Timetable Officer

Tel: 031 907 7113    Email: Mawande@mut.ac.za

Mr Mawande Matshukuca is a specialist in the use of the CELCAT Timetabler software, with over five years’ experience as a Timetable Officer in the Directorate of Institutional Planning and Research.

Mr Matshukuca’s main responsibility is to co-ordinate the compilation of semester and annual class timetables in consultation with academic departments, using the CELCAT Timetabler. He also assists in the booking of venues for ad hoc University events such as meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Mr Matshukuca administers the CELCAT Timetabler and assists with the administration of the PowerHEDA business intelligence system.

He provides information for space utilisation audits to internal and external stakeholders, and produces workload reports for academic departments and individual lecturers. He provides support for the integration of CELCAT with ITS and the integration of CELCAT with SARS (the Student Attendance Reporting System).

Mr Matshukuca worked as a Technician for a year, before joining DIPR. He also has experience in software development. He studied Information Technology at MUT.






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