Departments to watch out for as MUT Radio rises

Some of the brand new equipment for Radio station

It takes a collective effort to build a brand. If one looks at the MUT Radio that is ‘loading’; one cannot moan but admire this collaboration at MUT. It started with two individuals at MarComms sacrificing their offices to be turned into a Radio Station, the MarComms team which had never established a Radio Station before by raising their hand to say, ‘nothing is impossible’, the Operations directorate team collapsing two offices and turning it into a real Radio Station, and then the IT& N attending to any technological challenges. Collaboration is key to success. As the Radio Station takes shape, MarComms has once again handed the gauntlet back to Operations and asked, what about ambiance? Something big is coming under cost-cutting measures. University management must be smiling at how the Radio Station is coming together despite the frugality approach. Shout out to Operations and IT&N for this collaboration with MarComms.