Decontamination to pave way for the return of staff

A job well done

With positive cases of COVID-19 on the rise in South Africa, one of the major concerns is preventing transmission through common facility. It was for this reason that MUT cordoned off the facilities at the West Wing Building until it was decontaminated after a positive case was discovered at MUT.

According to MUT Works Manager, Kenyata Makhoba, the disinfection entailed “decontamination (similar to fogging), wiping down of all surfaces then deep cleaning and sanitizing”.

The emphasis has been on making the building safe and suitable for habitation by staff without fear of transmission. Staff and student safety was the main motivation for the decontamination of a section of the West Wing Building.

Zakhele Khumalo, from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, was on campus when the decontamination took place. He encouraged anyone who is not well to stay at home to avoid having the building getting decontaminated as the chemical fumes linger on and becomes an inconvenience for occupants of other sections of the same building.