Dance coach prepares his niece for sport at MUT

Siyabonga Maphumulo and his niece

MUT dance coach has been using his time during the Lockdown to continue dancing by training his niece to become a better dancer.

Dance is an intimate sport, which makes it even harder practice in a time when we are all preaching and observing the social distance to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. “That is why I dance with my niece who is a member of my family, I cannot dance with someone else,” said Coach Siyabonga Maphumulo.

Although the moves might appear easy and flamboyant when one is watching, there is a lot that goes into the process and keeping fit is integral. Siyabonga does physical training around the house every morning and three hours of dance training with his niece every afternoon. “I am helping her to become a better dancer and preparing her for when she joins MUT next year because she is in matric this year,” said Siyabonga. When she eventually joins MUT she would be an excellent dancer, he added.

As for his MUT dance team, Siyabonga sends them WhatsApp tasks in the form of dance moves to rehearse from home twice a week. The dance moves are often in the form of a dance routine that Siyabonga choreographed with his niece. In return, team members have to send back videos of their best attempts at the dance moves to the group. Siyabonga would then send them individual feedback on their technique. For those who do not have the luxury of a dance partner, Siyabonga sends them dance move that do not require a partner to practice.

Siyabonga also stated that coaches must educated people to stay at home and to follow the regulations of the Lockdown.