Cyber Security Week empowers staff to understand the need for cybersecurity resilience

The last group of staff that attended the session, and the service providers

The need to make MUT able to continuously deliver its mandate despite cyber attacks was driven home during the Cyber Security week by Datacentrix, homing in on everyone to take extra measures to become more cyber resilient.

If left unprotected, MUT’s cyberspace could fall victim to cybercrimes which have now increased by 600% since Covid-19 and will cost 10.5 trillion dollars by 2025, according to Datacentrix.

“So, what can MUT do?”, asked the expert from Datacentrix. “First, every employee needs to understand what ransomware is. This is when organisations are being kept at ransom by hackers who would have hacked their systems and thereafter demand hefty payments for their data to be returned. The stolen data is not always returned. It is therefore important that all employees are constantly reminded that hackers out there may steal their data. We have a responsibility to protect our data by understanding different types of malware that could compromise our data. Some types of malware include keylogging worms which self-replicate, the Trojan horse and bots. Our mandate as an organisation is to work with a common cause,” said Datacentrix.

“There should be policies guiding the storage of data and these should be aligned to the PoPI Act. Always remember that you are the target and this is not just done at an individual level. There are allegations that some countries are part of the hackers,” asked the expert from Datacentrix.