• G20 - Appeal application for re-admission
  • Banking details and tution fees

    Banking details and tution fees

    Tuition fees range between R4 530 and R15 350 per semester depending on the course and subjects. Residence fees range between R4 120 and R11 150 per semester. Travel expenses, meals, stationery and text books are not included in the above costs. Tuition fees may be deposited directly into the University account as follows:

    Branch Name Bank Account Number Branch Code:
    ABSA KZN ABSA 4063827633 634926

    Deposit slip must be submitted to: Finance Department; Att: Mrs. L. Van As. Tel: 031 907 7339 Fax: 031 907 7100 Email: vanas@mut.ac.za

  • Financial aid

    Financial aid

    The University has a Financial Aid Bureau which offers bursaries to a limited number of needy and exceptional students. Students requiring financial assistance must apply on the prescribed form to the Financial Aid Bureau. Closing dates for applications are: October of the previous year for first semester courses and May of the same year for second semester courses. Donor and sponsor address lists may be purchased from the Bureau for R5.

  • Residence facilities and buildings

    Residence facilities

    Application for Residences

    • Apply for residences online using the Student iEnabler, instructions below.
    •  All  queries should be directed to: The Superintendent, Tel: 031 907 7395 | Email: jiyanen@mut.ac.za
    • Click to apply


    a) Click on the STUDENT PORTAL link.

    b) Click on the ITS PROD iEnabler link.

    c) Select the Student Radio button.

    d) For a student number you must enter your student number.

    e) For a pin you must enter 46579 and before you log in you must change your pin, to change your pin you must click on Change Pin button, enter your new pin in the space provided and click on Change Pin.

    f) Please make sure that your new pin:

    · Is 5 numeric digits in length.

    · Does not have same numbers next to each other

    · Does not start with a zero.

    · Is not in a simple sequence like 12345 or 54321. If your pin does not conform to the points outlined below you will get a message immediately after clicking the Change Pin button, in that case you must keep on trying until your pin is successfully changed.

    a) If your pin is successfully changed the Change Pin button will direct you to Student iEnabler home page and then you can do whatever task you want to do.

    b) Remeber your pin, do not forget it.

    1. queries should be directed to: The Superintendent, Tel: 031 907 7395 | Email:  jiyanen@mut.ac.za
  • Student organisations

    Students elect a Student Representative Council (SRC) annually to represent their interests and needs, to co-ordinate social and cultural activities on campus and to develop relationships with other tertiary institutions.

    The following student organisations are active on campus


    SASCO (South African Students Congress)

    SADESMO (South African Democratic Student Movement)

    AZASCO (Azanian Student’s Convention)

    YCL (Young Communists League)

    ANCYL (ANC Youth League)

    PASMA (Pan African Students Movement of Azania)


    SZM (Students Zion Movement)


    ACTS (Association of Catholic Tertiary Students)

    NATESA (Nazareth Tertiary Students Association)

    SCO (Student Christian Organisation)

    SDASM (7th Day Adventist Students Movement)

    METHSSOC (Methodist Students Society)

    LUSO (Lutheran Student Society)

    The Taccso (The Twelve Apostles Church in Christ Students Organisation)

    Ansoc (Anglican Students Society)


    HASO (Health Advisory Students Organisation)

    BMF (Black Management Forum)

    AIESEC (International Association of Students interested in

    Science, Economics and commerce)


    YWN (Young Women’s Network)

    ACUSO (African Cultural Society (formerly Cultural Society)

    Jazz and Fusion

    NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers

    Performing Arts