Cricket team coach and captain continue to lead from the front in spite of the Lockdown

Mlungisi Nxumalo

Sport plays a significant role in any community. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted negatively on sport, especially team sport that have to train together to build team spirit and unity. It is in this time of uncertain that the coach and the captain have to work the hardest to lead the team. This is the case for the MUT Cricket team.

“As the captain I always try and keep the team motivated by sharing my videos to them as much as possible. And also try and communicate with them on a day to day basis just to keep the team spirit alive. One thing I always remind them is the common goal that we all have and which is to qualify to play varsity cricket,” said Mlungisi Nxumalo, MUT Cricket team captain and third year Chemical Engineering student.

As the national Lockdown is still in effect, it has become difficult to think about sport team activities without considering the role of technology in holding teams together. Communication tools have also become the tools of accountability. “I have been working closely with the team in making sure that I send them home workouts and also assessing the videos they send me,” said Xolani Gasa, MUT Cricket team coach. “I’ve also been advising them on things they can use at home as tools to sharpen their cricket skills. Like mini cricket drills that are essential for every cricketer.