COVID-19 requires different leadership – MUT alumnus

Dr Pat Sifiso Mazibuko’s recent book

Health experts have warned that COVID-19 would continue to alter human behaviour and change business practices even long after it is no longer with us. MUT alumnus and Telkom Group Executive, Dr Pat Sifiso Mazibuko, believes that the pandemic requires different kind of leadership to the one before it.

“As a corporate leader, you cannot lead in the same way you did before COVID-19,” said Dr Mazibuko, who graduated from MUT in 1991 with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. “With COVID-19 there are things that you need to learn, unlearn and re-learn.”

He explained that because of the Coronavirus pandemic; the context had changed, the environment had changed and the people had also changed. Many employees will continue to work from home, where their line managers will not be able to see them. “There is a dire need for currency between you and your boss. That currency is trust, it needs to be there,” said Dr Mazibuko.

Dr Mazibuko further explained that in this era of COVID-19, line managers have to now demonstrate to the people who report to them that they are caring. “You need to be a caring boss, and when you care people will do anything for you,” said Dr Mazibuko.

Dr Mazibuko has recently published a book titled, Conversations with the best: Life Changing Conversations. The book covers a vast array of topics (or facts of life, as he puts it) and every chapter has a story behind it. “It is something that forces you to think and cause-correct. I am provocative, blunt and forcing people to think,” he said.

The book features provocative chapters such as: The dog’s second bite; Never say goodbye to the devil; Bad Influencer; Walk away, my friend; and Ignoring the sign.

Readers can expect Series 2 of the book in January. However, Dr Mazibuko is almost done with another book, The leadership game, which will be published in December.