Communique to the University community on the investigation on procurement


The University has concluded an investigation into financial irregularities in the area of procurement of services.

The recommendations of the Report on these matters necessitate disciplinary processes, the laying of criminal charges and recovery of financial loss against the University from staff implicated in these irregularities. The recommendations will be implemented with immediate effect.

The provision of security services is one of the areas covered in the Report. As a result, the services of Sandile Security are terminated with immediate effect. The implementation of this decision will be phased in to ensure continued security for the University community and protection of University property during the period of procuring new security services. Staff and students are requested to exercise patience and assist in the management of this transition period. We hope to conclude the transitional arrangements by 17 September 2019.

So, while Management is working hard on giving effect to the implementation of the recommendations of the Report, we will endeavor to maintain the best standards in providing a safe environment. If we ever take some time to respond to all your concerns during this phase of transition, please understand that we are a limited team and we don’t have enough time in the day but our intentions are to help each and every one of you.

We will really appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


Dr E. Duma Malaza

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

08 September 2019