Clinic reminds students of their reproductive rights

Students receiving information from peer helpers (in navy blue T/shirts) at the information desk

Given their age, the students are at their reproductive stage. This may be the most dangerous stage of their young lives, which is why they need proper guidance. It was for this reason that on 20 May 2021 the University Clinic had a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of reproductive rights to students and staff, and what it may mean to them, and their studies, and the future.

Sister Bongiwe Sithole of the MUT Clinic said that another important factor was that the students had to be informed that reproduction was their Constitutional right.  The event was held on the University’s Anniversary Lane. Health and Wellness conscious students are better positioned to focus on their studies.

“Providing treatment for the reproductive health conditions keeps them in class instead of following long queues in the overburdened state health facilities,” said Sister Sithole.