MUT Chancellor congratulates the class of 2020

MUT Chancellor, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu

Univerities across South Africa have been opting for virtual graduations as an alternative to physical graduation ceremonies that had to be postponed because of COVID-19. The trend across the sector has been to host online graduations to mark the completion of qualifications for students and to pave the way for students to receive their qualifications.

While MUT is still considering its plans for virtual gtraduation, the MUT Chancellor Lindiwe Sisulu sent a message to the institution congratulating the graduating class of 2020 on the completion of their qualifications.

“Mangosuthu University of Technology graduation is close to my heart. There is a sense of uniqueness to the MUT graduation which makes me experience how far we as a country have come to bring access to education for people from all walks of life. What I will miss the most is the love and the singing and the entirely joyful occassion that it brings to both the parents and the students,” said MUT Chancellor, Lindiwe Sisulu, who is the Minister of  Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements.

Minister Sisulu also urged students  to find ways to live with the Coronavirus as it will be with us for the next forseable future.

“The Lockdown is a situation that we need to embrace and find creative ways to soldier-on,” said Minister Sisulu. “We can’t put plans on hold forever as we have been told by the scientists that the Coronovirus will be among us until a vaccine is discovered and rolled out.”