Campus readiness kicks-off

Professor Marcus Ramogale

Prof. Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor has taken it upon himself to ensure that the University is safe and ready for the next cohort of students returning to campus. Convening a special EMC, the acting VC was at pains to express the urgency for the campus to be protective of staff and students from getting the Coronavirus. “The return of the 33% of exit level students is no child’s play. We need to be ahead of the virus and do what is right. Our messaging of social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands must be the new normal. I am happy that when this large group returns, we would have procured two sets of masks for them and hand sanitizers”, said Prof Ramogale. In his communique to parents, staff and students, he said: “We expect the exit or final year students to start arriving at residences from 13 July. That period will be used to orientate them and train them on health protocols. We would like all our students and staff to be on the same page on how we could circumvent being infected with COVID-19. Classes are scheduled to commence on 20 July 2020.”