Breaking away from a weak institutional culture

Professor Marcus, fourth from right,  and his Executive Management Committee

The Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University, Professor Marcus Ramogale’s landmark presentation at the MUT Lekgotla minced no words about the observations made by various assessors sent to MUT in the years 2008, 2018 and 2022. The common denominator thereto being a weak institutional culture. Speaking to the engine of the University, MUT’s senior managers; Prof Ramogale appealed to staff to them to adapt to change and start by not looking at the University as an entity which gives, and the University community takes.

“Our mandate is value-addition; to make the lives of others better. Culture change starts with all of us by reflecting on how we could all have a common agenda. The time has come for us to use this power and to think about how we could make the University prosper and not be the ones that take. Be like the Marula tree whose seeds multiply and lead to prosperity”, he said.

Some key phrases that attendees were encouraged to consider include engaging in regular self-reflexivity as part of strengthening the institutional culture, as well as knowing that culture starts with one.

“The power is in our hands, and we cannot shift responsibility. We need to understand that culture change has to be underpinned by adapting a culture of being responsible and respectful,” he said. His presentation was well received with many making comments on its intellectuality through constant use of lessons from Japan and other great countries.