Bittersweet season for the Ntuli family

Dr Mthoko Ntuli, left, and his late father

Dr Mthoko Ntuli is one the staff members that heeded the call by MarComms to promote virtual graduation. The Student Development Officer gladly joined the photo shoot donning his red academic gown. He had just graduated with a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. This is what every family looks forward to. Sadly, today we report that Dr Ntuli has lost his father. The 81-year old Mr Ntuli senior passed away on 22 July 2020. While Mthoko Ntuli, Student Development Officer in the Student Affairs department lost his 81-year-old dad on Wednesday, he reminisced on his dad’s last words in June. “Now that we have a red gown in the family, I have done my part. I have seen it all”. Little did it occur to Mthoko who was raised by this giant of a man who instilled priceless values on him and his nine siblings that he would be spending just a few weeks with his dad as a PhD holder.

The University wishes strength to Dr Ntuli during this difficult time and may Mr Ntuli senior Rest in Peace.