Birthday surprise for Acting Vice-Chancellor

Professor Ramogale, sitting, with his colleagues on his ‘happy day’

A very stunned Professor Marcus Ramogale had to compose himself after his colleagues decided to organise a surprise birthday celebration for him on 14 October 2020. Offering the usual smile that has given MUT assurance over the years, Professor Ramogale said to the ‘conspirators’: “you all can act”, as his colleagues burst out singing Happy Birthday! Most of these colleagues were Executive Committee Members. Professor Ramogale had planned to have a quiet birthday with his family.

The University senior staff highlighted Professor Ramogale’s quiet but effective leadership. Dr Johan van Koller, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Resources and Planning, pointed out the calmness with which Professor Ramogale was leading the University, and that Professor Ramogale was an objective individual. Dr Manyane Makua, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, applauded Professor Ramogale for his leadership, particularly at these tough times.

Responding to comments by his colleagues, Professor Ramogale highlighted that the contribution by his colleagues was making it easy for him to meet the obligations and expectations of the Department of Higher Education and Training. “Your contribution has led to stability at the University,” said Professor Ramogale. Responding on comments about his leadership skills, the Acting Vice-Chancellor told staff that everyone could be a leader as “leadership could be learnt”.

He said that a leader must have the right approach. He said power alone was not enough. “You need to be a philosopher king,” he said.