ASIJIKI – thanks to the IT&N team

Njabulo Xaba

When the IT&N team trained EMC on Microsoft Teams a few days before Lockdown, it seemed as if their dream of accelerating the uptake of Microsoft Teams would be temporary. Today, the uptake of Microsoft Teams across the University has grown exponentially. Many of the staff members have on their devices, more than two teams they are subscribed to on Microsoft Teams. “I am subscribed to at least four teams who I meet on a weekly basis. Some of the teams are hectic requiring meetups more than once a week.  We save so much time through online collaborations such as being able to edit the document in real time”, said Mbali Mkhize, senior director, Marketing & Communications.

Njabulo Xaba from IT&N recently wrote to the COVID-19 Task Team to request the Task Team to “curb the spread of COVID-19 post the Lockdown for MUT. I believe most staff members in MUT have got either desktops/laptops. As such, the use of technology when holding meetings can be beneficial instead of having a large number of people gathered together in one room.” #Asijiki. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution enhancement and it is succeeding.