Another feather in the cap for the Research Directorate

Dr Reshma Subbaye

Dr Anette Mienie is smiling all the way to the NRF these days. MUT’s research output is growing. An observation also noted by the Senate sitting of 7 November 2019. A support staff member has just obtained an NRF rating. Dr Reshma Subbaye, Director: Monitoring, Evaluation and Research at the Institutional Planning and Research (IPR) Directorate, has been granted an NRF C3 rating, which is valid from 1 January 2020.  “It is my pleasure to be the first person to congratulate you with your NRF rating. You have done MUT proud,” said Dr Anette Mienie, Research Directorate Director, as she congratulated Dr Subbaye. An elated Dr Subbaye responded in kind, thanking Dr Mienie for her support.  “If it hadn’t been for your advice, I would have pulled out my application. I am so happy, yet humbled, by this rating, especially since I am not an academic member of staff.  Again – thank you so much for facilitating the process and keeping me informed each step of the way,” said Dr Subbaye.