Juggling a post-grad qualification and weight loss? No sweat for Mapule – MUT Alumni

Juggling a post-grad qualification and weight loss? No sweat for Mapule

Before and after!

Mapule Sikhosana, Senior Secretary in MUT’s Directorate of Institutional Planning & Research (DIPR), is graduating with a Post-graduate Diploma in HRM (PDHRM) – one of only 20 people to attain this after 16 dropped out. The PDHRM is offered at NQF Level 8 and therefore it articulates horizontally into an Honours degree or vertically into a Master’s degree.

Mapule undertook the course full-time, which meant she left the University at 8pm from Monday to Friday. “This course couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I always wanted to further my career. I had attempted to register with DUT and UKZN but it was not going to be easy leaving work and going to another campus to attend lectures,” she said.

Over and above ensuring that she completed her studies, Mapule also had to undergo a weight loss programme. “I have been on many weight loss programmes and I am well aware about obesity in this country, hence I had to take the challenge to lose weight. I read articles on obese and overweight people and how they are at risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes, various cancers and musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, a highly disabling degenerative joint disease which is what I suffered from. We need to be aware of all these ailments that could affect us, and awareness needs to be created even at our workplaces. We need to prioritise a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Mapule.