All eyes on SRC elections

One of the students that voted in the 2022 SRC elections

The University community awaits the results of the 2022/3 SRC elections with bated breath. Although there are preliminary results, due protocol must be followed.

Dr Thembi Kweyama, Dean of Students at Mangosuthu University of Technology said:  “Between today and Monday, we will assess objections, and should there be none, we will then publish the final results on Monday. So far, all structures have signed to say they are happy with the election process. Portfolio allocation will be done on 5 October, followed by the Inauguration on 7 October at the Council Chamber”.

Kudos to the department for this seamless process. Dr Mthoko Ntuli, Student Development Officer, whose unit has been at the cornerstone of building a foundational student cohesion programme was communicating on every platform highlighting the need for students to understand democracy and the University’s democratic approach to student leadership.

“We now await the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) to pronounce on the results. The entire election process was transparent and equitable. We provided platforms for all students to listen to each manifesto so they could make informed choices when they choose their leaders,” said Dr Ntuli.