Acting Vice-Chancellor pays tribute to EMC

Professor Ramogale

Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal took his Saturday to personally thank EMC at a social gathering for partnering with him in his vision to save lives and the academic year. “Saving lives and saving the academic yearwas a mandate given by the Department of Higher Education & Training to all institutions of higher learning under Level 4 of South Africa’s Lockdown.. In its efforts to galvanise staff and students, the University adopted the ‘Save lives, Save the academic year’ as its mantra. Professor Ramogale also used this time to relay the University Council’s appreciation of all the hard work that the University leadership has been doing; moving MUT from being high risk to being low risk. Professor Ramogale urged the EMC members to look after themselves, and to be at the forefront of observing COVID-19 protocols. “We do not know what next year holds, except for the fact that we are now currently under the second wave of COVID-19. We must capitalize on our experience of dealing with COVID-19 and use this as currency in handling the second wave,” said Professor Ramogale.

The social gathering ended with a prayer and a blessing by Dr Manyane Makua, the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning.