Acting VC welcomes Class of 2021

Professor Ramogale 

MUT Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Marcus Ramogale has warmly welcomed new students that enrolled with the University during the course of this week. Professor Ramogale thanked the freshmen for choosing the University. “Thank you for choosing MUT as an institution where you will begin your journey to being a professional,” said Professor Ramogale. He appealed to the students to support the University’s efforts in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and highlighted that there have been some gains in these efforts. “While the Coronavirus is still waging its war against all of us, we have learnt to refuse to let it triumph over our lives. With this in mind, I trust that things will be much better for us all in the coming year,” said Professor Ramogale. Professor Ramogale said that the University also took advantage of its size, and the prevailing atmosphere. “We treat each other as one big family. Just as we care about all of you, we would like you to show that you care for your fellow students by continuing to put each other’s safety first this year,” said Professor Ramogale.

Professor Ramogale informed students about how well the University prevented the spread of COVID-19 in residences. This was mainly as a result of the University’s campaign to “save lives, save the academic year”.  “We shared messages everywhere and tightened our security systems to ensure that the virus was not imported into our residences.”

Professor Ramogale added that the University management also ensured that all the required protocols were adhered to, and that they worked with the student body to shield the students, and everyone from the pandemic.

He also highlighted the role played by academic deans in ensuring that students were not just taught online, but that the new delivery mode was effective and favoured students. Coupled with this form of teaching, the Acting Vice-Chancellor said the University added a platoon system as part of its teaching and learning. “This is a great asset towards assisting you to study independently. You are on a new journey to make history for yourselves and for the future, so embrace the opportunity with grace and a positive spirit. I look forward to engaging you online and I am hopeful that you will also support our efforts to save the 2021 academic year and to save lives. Please remember to always ‘mask up’, maintain social distancing and sanitise your hands always,” said Professor Ramogale.