Acting VC reminds staff of the importance of values

Values result in happy life! Prof Ramogale and Gcina Mhlophe, middle, foreground, lead the dance after speeches

The Friday of 3 November 2017 will always be different. This is when MUT Management reminded staff of the importance of their values at a gathering theme, IIFASE – the story of our values. The Acting VC, Prof Marcus Ramogale, told staff values were part of the higher culture that defined people, and respect should be at the centre of that arrangement. People should embrace their values and live by them. “In some societies, where there was a vacuum, someone with less humane values took over, and that resulted in a lot of suffering,” he said. During this day of fun, Dr Gcina Mhlophe, a renowned storyteller, illustrated the importance of the values. She also emphasized the centrality of respect, a trait she learnt from her parents. “Don’t be an embarrassment to your University. Observe the necessary restrictions that guide our lives,” she said. Prof Peter Small, Nature Conservation head, wrote a poem that won him a prize. The poem was based on MUT’s values, which are Innovation, Integrity, Forefront, Accountability, Self-respect and Excellence (IIFASE).