Acting VC gets recognition for advancing entrepreneurship

Professor Ramogale

Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal of MUT, Professor Marcus Ramogale has been on a mission to transform MUT students from being job seekers to employers. This is a mammoth task because it often means convincing students to go against what they have been taught their whole life.

“All of us come from families where we are told to go to school, get a good education and get a good job,” said Professor Ramogale.

Last week, Professor Ramogale received the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) Rising Star DVC Award in recognition of the remarkable progress he made in support of entrepreneurship in 2020.

In his acceptance speech, Professor Ramogale took the audience through MUT’s strategy of inculcating entrepreneurship. He explained to the audience that the University had adopted entrepreneurship as one of its core curriculum for all students registered at MUT.

“Being a University of Technology, we felt that one of the things that would distinguish our students is to make sure that every graduate that comes from the institution has some entrepreneurship skills,” he said. “Our Senate adopted this core curriculum which includes amongst other things entrepreneurship education.”

MUT students embraced this decision and capitalised on entrepreneurship education to start their own businesses.

“For me what has been really incredible is the way students have taken to the idea of entrepreneurship,” said Professor Ramogale. “I have been really encouraged by the students because when you talk to them about entrepreneurship, when you say there are options in the world, you get this remarkable reception amongst our students.”