Accounting (ECP)

National Diploma - Accounting (Extended Curriculum Programme)(4-year programme)

Department of Accounting

This programme is offered to students who do not meet the admission criteria for the main stream courses. The minimum study period for the National Diploma: Accounting is usually three years. However, students are often under-prepared and the majority of them complete the programme in 4, 5 or 6 years. A 4-year programme (also known as an Extended Curriculum programme) has been designed to provide structured support to students over a period of four years. A range of additional interventions are offered to students who are accepted in this programme. This programme has been a response to the well-known inequalities in the South African society and to cater for varying levels of student preparedness. It ensures that sufficient support is provided during the initial years of study while guaranteeing the same exit standards as the 3-year programme. The 4-year programme addresses gaps and under-preparedness in students’ educational and life experiences so that they can be better equipped to manage the National Diploma programme. It also provides students with broad educational and life skills, including Mathematics, language proficiency and subject knowledge. While students are mostly tutored separately in small numbers in their first year, they undertake their studies and lectures as integral members of the National Diploma student group. 1.1 Admission Requirements Entry to this 4-year programme is limited and applicants are selected from persons who do not meet the entry requirements of the 3-year programme. To be admitted to this programme, a candidate shall have obtained a valid National Senior Certificate or equivalent with rating codes: Accounting (3), Mathematics Literacy (3) and English Home Language (3) or English First Additional Language (4) and any other 3 subjects with rating code 3 excluding Life Orientation OR Senior Certificate with the following requirements: Higher Grade Standard Grade Accounting E C English E E Mathematics Minimum : 20 points Even if a candidate satisfies the above entry requirements, he/she will not automatically be accepted as further selection procedures may take place. 1.2 Duration of study 4 years full time 1.3 Curriculum: ND: Accounting (4-year Programme) (ACOUNF)......view PDF file>>> 1.4 Restriction on Choice of Modules and Promotional Rules for the 4 year National Diploma: Accounting (ACOUNF) 1.4.1 No student shall be registered for: More than six modules in any semester. 1.5 Promotional rules 1.5.1 To be promoted from the first year to the second year of study, the student shall have passed six out of ten modules in the first year including Modules 1 and 2 of Introduction to Fundamentals of Accounting. 1.5.2 A student who fails Introduction to Fundamentals of Accounting Module I, at the end of semester I, will no longer be able to continue with the programme, since this subject leads to a major field of study. 1.5.3 The repeat modules in Level 1 shall be taken, where the time-table permits. A student cannot be registered for more than six modules for any one semester taking into consideration 1.5.1 1.5.4 A student will not be allowed to switch programmes, once they have registered for this Extended Curriculum Programme. 1.6 Examination Regulation Refer to General Handbook Rule 22. Examination in semester courses will be conducted during May and November. All students should ensure that they have enrolled for all subjects for which they will be writing examinations. 1.7 Advice, information and general regulations Students who complete the National Diploma may apply to enrol for the Bachelor of Technology degree: Cost & Management Accounting if minimum admission requirements are met.