A virtual day in the work-life of Sanele Mngadi, IT&N Business Analyst

Sanele Mngadi

It’s a Monday morning and I am at home because of the Lockdown. Just at about 8:30 am, I check my emails on MUT StayOnComms WhatsApp group to see if anything urgent had been sent to me over the weekend. While doing so, I try out something new, this Microsoft Teams thing. I call colleagues on MS Teams with whom we are still battling to figure out the new way of life. We share files, we chat and do video calls. Seeing that I am getting better, I invite two more colleagues just to have a quick catch-up on what may have happened during the weekend. I start sharing my screen so colleagues can see weekend pictures on MS Teams; I asked them to do the same. Being overwhelmed by the excitement, I propose that we create an MS Teams group on the very same Ms Teams so we check on each other every two days. Everyone agrees and we are set.

Since my emails are all read and answered, however, I notice how much colleagues are talking on MS Teams than on email; it’s all good, irrespective of platform, communication is communication. I also need to make sure my passwords for ITS iEnabler and systems are still working. I register myself on IT&N’s Password Self Service portal to make sure even when my password expires, I can always renew it myself. This is something I should share with colleagues when we meet in two days’ time, I write it down on Tasks/Sticky Notes.

To make it much easier, I schedule a meeting on Ms Teams and put the agenda as ‘ITS Password Self Service’.

I am convinced I don’t have to be an IT&N employee to share this information. If there is any difficulty, I will invite IT&N into our meeting since all emergency contacts were shared by MarComms.

Just before the meeting starts, I get a call from a colleague saying “How do I join the meeting on MS Teams?” Having seen this before, I ask him to go to email calendar and double click the invitation, and Click Join Ms Teams Meeting which is just at the bottom of the email invitation.

Within a while, he is in and he sends a smiley emoji on WhatsApp. I send back and alert him, next time he should send on Ms Teams Chat service and he simply does that.

Clearly, our lives have changed. No printing; no telephone; no office but we are in touch and it feels as though we are in the same building.

Perhaps it is time we share basic IT ideas with all staff; in this case Microsoft Teams, a collaboration tool.