A community that eats together, stays together

Wearing red and white? You are most welcome, picture courtesy of za.pinterest.com

It is December next week! Can you believe it? Ke Dezember Boss. For real. Let us do something outrageous to cement out friendship, love and support for one another. We will be setting up tables at the Anniversary Lane from 2-6 December. We would like every staff member to join the fun to enhance the collegiality which Dr Enoch Duma Malaza has been talking about. We will have posh tables set up for lunch from 12h00-13h00. All you need to do is bring your lunch and sit over the table with colleagues from all departments. Here is the catch, though; we have a theme for each day, you have to come dressed in a theme:

Monday: Red/white day

Tuesday: Denim and white

Wednesday: Shorts and minnies/Long dresses

Thursday: Blue/Maroon/Gold/Brown

Friday: Sports day

Depending on how big the uptake will be; this may continue beyond next week.