THE TLDC’s Mandate

The Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) is an academic support department whose mandate is to provide academic development services to staff and students at Mangosuthu University of Technology. The terms of reference shown below are an illustration of the academic development services that the TLDC is expected to render.

·         Development of the scholarship of teaching and learning within MUT;

·         Management of continuous professional development (CPD) for academic staff;

·         Management of programme development;

·         Management of curriculum development and renewal;

·         Development an dissemination of pedagogical approaches that are appropriate for the education                                         

of student from socially disadvantaged backgrounds;

·         Management and enhancement of good assessment practices throughout MUT;

·         Management of educational technology and e-learning;

·         Management of peer-assisted learning (PAL);

·         Training of student assistants in respect of teaching and assessment practices;

·         Management of foundational provision (extended curriculum programmes);

·         Management of shorty learning programmes;

·         Management of teaching excellence awards;

·         Management of institutional research in respect of teaching and learning;

·         Optimisation of student success through learning enhancement;

·         Academic risk management with special reference to the identification, monitoring and provision

of support to “at risk” students;

·        Enrichment of the university experience of all students through learning advice and the

dissemination of learning skills;

·         Facilitation of teaching induction programmes;

·         Regular evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching and learning within MUT;

·         Dissemination of examples of good practice in teaching and learning;

·         Facilitation of innovation in teaching practice;

·         Management and development of academic literacy within the institution;

·         Management and development of mathematics and science education;

·         Development, implementation and review of MUT’s Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Strategy and

·        Management of any academic development initiative identified by Executive.