MUT welcomes a Research Manager in the office of the DVC, Research, Innovation and Engagements

Prof Makhafola

MUT’s attempts at strengthening its academic prowess by empowering its staff are getting better and better. Recently the University hired three research professors. Now MUT welcomes another Professor, Tshepiso Makhafola, as a Research Manager, and Associate Professor. He has a solid academic background. Prof Makhafola, who obtained his PhD (Paraclinical Sciences) from the University of Pretoria, will be overseeing projects in the office of the DVC, Research, Innovation and Engagements, Prof Zodwa Dlamini, particularly the SAMRC-related projects. He has published over 12 peer-reviewed papers in internationally recognised journals. His area of speciality is Phycomedicine. Among other things, Prof Makhafola will research the effects of natural products on delaying different carcinogenic processes, including suppression, reduction or inversion of carcinogenesis.  Prof Makhafola will also be involved in teaching, learning and research in the university’s Department of Biomedical Sciences.