Media Monitoring

ANCYL celebrates SASCO’s ‘colossal’ MUT win – Citizen  –  18 Sep 2015
Sasco wins
ANCYL celebrates SASCO’s ‘colossal’ MUT win
GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS: Ezasegagasini Metro  –  p.4
Scientist’s return on investment
MERCURY (First Edition) – 25 Aug 2015
MUT Enactus promotes culture of learning in KZN community – Varsity Post  –  13 July 2015
MUT dances to silver at SA student games – Varsity Post  –  15 Jul 2015
Professionalism in Geomatics – EE Publishers  –  14 Jul 2015


Newsclip monitors over 1 500 print publications nationally. As technology continues to change the way print media is monitored, we now process the priority publications within three hours of arrival at our head office in Constantia Kloof, Gauteng.
Newsclip’s Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth branches scan in local publications, which are then electronically transferred to our head office instantaneously. This has successfully brought our regional clients into the central processing system.
Documents are processed in full colour, and in the published size and format. While processing each article, measurements are automatically taken by the system, and a rate card value is calculated. This Advertising Value Equivalent, or AVE, is an internationally accepted unit of measure that assigns a rand-value to free editorial mention.