I want to assist in closing the gap,– new Engineering faculty Research Professor

Prof Theodore Haupt

MUT has secured the services of who joined MUT as the Research Professor in the Faculty of Engineering. Prof Haupt, got his PhD from the University of Florida, USA and has published 169 peer-reviewed papers in 69 journals. He has written two books and published seven chapters in books.  Prof Haupt’s speciality is Construction safety.  Prof Haupt is a man on a mission. He spotted a gap at MUT and decided he was going to take it as a challenge. “I want to be part of a team that will assist MUT to have a stronger programme qualification mix (PQM), approved by the CHE. The programme must have academic offerings from Pre-Tech to PhD so that MUT will be able to attract students for all levels of study. This will close the gap that is currently existing. But for this to happen, MUT staff must have PhDs so they would be able to supervise Master’s and PhD students. This will bring in a lot of funds to MUT as Master’s and PhD students will write and publish papers,” he said. Prof Haupt is supervising seven MUT staff doing Master’s and two doing PhDs at UKZN. Prof Haupt said he is expecting the gap to close in the next five years.